Mates Academy

Mates Academy

For Teachers in Early Childhood Education & Research Studies Offers you Certificate and Diploma Courses for those who have PASSION in working for children.

  • MATES Trained Nursery Teacher (NTTM) – 3 Months Duration – Eligibility +2 Pass
  • MATES Trained PrePrimary Teacher (PTTM) – 3 Months Duration – Eligibility Graduate/PG
  • MATES Academic Professional in Early Childhood Education and Child Development (MAP-ECED) – 3 Months.
  • MATES Education Specialist (MES) – Specialized course in Art & Craft, Activity & Preschool Management Studies.

“MATES” provides Teacher training solutions for individuals, preschools with in-house and at “Millennium Center of Excellence” in your city/ location. These trainings are conducted by experts in the field of ECED, Nursery, and Kindergarten with exposure to the early childhood education, child psychology to enhance the knowledge of your teachers and witness the trends in rapidly changing Early Childhood Education Scenario. All trainings are for ONLY WOMEN.

We offer employment solutions for preschools in all disciplines i.e. Freshers and Experienced Teaching staff for Nursery, Kindergarten, Activity Teachers, Pre-primary teachers, Art n Craft, Linguistic excellence teachers/ Sports coaches etc.

“MATES” extends its assistance to the school owners and educationalists by setting up preschools and daycare centers within the vicinity of affordable fee and enabling the school to operate and continue with a system WIN WIN for owners and parents along with the kids.