Millennium Activity Center

About MAC

With Millennium Activity Centers, “M.A.T.E.S. ” focuses on the parent efforts in looking for the best place with proper learning outcomes around for their kids starting from the age of preprimary /kindergarten. Engaging a child in a systematic learning ensures expected to result in the field of interest one has pursued. Under Brand “Millennium Activity Center” we offer “Customized Summer Camps”, “Winter Explorer Trips” and “Adventure Sports Camps”.

Also, we organize events such as specialized orientation sessions by professional child care organizations, Nutritionists, Child psychologist, Early Childhood Education Specialists, Medical Child Specialists Camps and philanthropists from a specialized Art or Skill for the communities, parent groups, and schools for existing schools and activity centers/ individual parent groups etc.

With Millennium Activity Center(s) “M.A.T.E.S. ” brings you the best in class infrastructure in terms of overall ambiance which is pro learning, the best faculty/trainer in the neighborhood/location and help your child grow with multiple skillsets.The beauty of these activity center(s) is that the kid will be exposed to various forms of extracurricular and co-curricular activities such as Art n Craft, Painting, Photography, Music Instruments, Skating, Martial Arts, Foreign Language Learning, Communication, Soft Skills and indoor sports etc.

Activities Conducted @ Our Center

Basics of Swimming
Music Instruments
Spoken Language Expertise
Ball badminton