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About M.A.T.E.S. Education

“M.A.T.E.S. ” As it expands ” Millennium Academics & Technical Education Services” is a brain child of an Individual started along with few of his class M.A.T.E.S., childhood friends and people who envisioned the same dream of bringing the global set of learning practices to our own neighborhoods. These group of common individuals strives to achieve an uncommon goal of transforming the way learning happens today in most of the cities of India.

The idea progressed with years of research and effort for over a decade to address the requirements of the parents in search of the best learning place which gives value for money, assist achieve their younger ones to climb the ladder of parallel excellence in sports simultaneously, as they undergo academic programs by providing a platform to pursue few extra curricular, co-curricular based activities transformed into skills and making them competent to face today’s challenging world.

"Millennium Activity Center (MAC) - Expand Your Learning Opportunities"

With Millennium Activity Centers, “M.A.T.E.S. ” focusses on the parent efforts in looking for the best place with proper learning outcomes around for their kids starting from the age of pre-primary /kindergarten. Engaging a child in a systematic learning ensures expected result in the field of interest one has pursued. Under Brand Millennium Activity Centers we offer

Customized Summer Camps.

Winter Explorer Trips.

Adventure Sports Camps.

for existing schools and activity centers/ individual parent groups etc. (More…)

"MATES" Complete Preschool Solution

Mates brings you a complete preschool solution package that enables customers to confidently enter into preschool education services right from the set up, run it successfully with true service intent sans any commercial hiccups under one’s own brand. “MATES” preschool solution helps you upgrade or standardize your existing pre/playschool without you being asked for a franchise or a royalty fee (read above commercial hiccups). This solution includes a breakthrough Indianized methodology based child centric curriculum, scientifically designed and child-friendly educational materials for implementing the curriculum, staff & Teacher training solutions.(More…)

Our academic team is developing a Preschool Methodology which is fit for the New Millennium Kids Learning needs by introducing a breakthrough methodology framework which employs the best pedagogical techniques and technology followed across the globe.This methodology is purely child centric, child initiated addresses all areas of child all-round development with an underline theme “Indian at Heart, International at Will”. This World Class Curriculum can be adopted and adapted for any brand new or existing preschool.

“MATES” walks along with you since the beginning of your kid’s first steps in the learning space with Pre School / Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Higher Education and Professional / Master Degrees (Please Watch this space for the update & how we are taking it forward).